Gaetano Valeri was born in Padova on the 21st of September 1760 and died in Padova on the 13th of April 1822. Maestro di Cappella at the Padova Dome, composer, pianist, but also teacher and painter: he has been an important figure in Padova’s cultural life between the end of the XVIIIth and the beginning of the XIXth century. We have a few information about his life, quietly spent in his hometown: a young gifted, curious, diligent man, at the beginning more oriented towards fine arts than music, who integrates himself without any problems in the musical tissue of his town. A solid artisan, up-to-date on contemporary styles and virtuoso pianist, Valeri is a figure to reevaluate.

Valeri’s works are quite substantial: sacred music, two operas, concertos for organ or piano and orchestra and many sonatas for keyboard. These are the core of the recording project.